All About Tin - 魔刀俠情
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Tin (Deric Wan) is the son of a man gifted in martial arts. Tin's parents died and he is taken in by a couple. When he grows up, he meets two new friends, a monk and a disciple of another man. Then he meets Lan Ling (Catherine Hung). He thought that she was a good person but he was wrong. She tried to kill him and Shuet (Ada Choi). Shuet and Lan Ling are sisters but they don't know it yet. Lan Ling's adopted father (Eddie Cheung) stole her from her birth mother. Shuet loves Tin but Tin actually likes Lan Ling. Later, Shuet and Lan Ling find out that they are sisters. The ending was sad, Shuet died and of course she knew that Tin only likes Lan Ling.