Strike at Heart - 驚艷一槍
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CHU KOT CHING NGO (MAK TAK CHUNG, JOE), YUEN SHAP SAM HAN (AU KAM TONG, STEPHEN) and hermit TIN YEE are apprentices to the same clique. They have not seen each other for a long time. During a rare gathering, they end up at daggers drawn. They studied in the same clique when they were young and became good friends. Due to physical constraint, TIN YEE was unsuited to Martial Arts and so he turned to studying yin yang and the five material agents. CHU KOT and YUEN were born to learn Martial Arts. YUEN’s lifetime goal is to become the best fighter in the Martial Arts World. However, he could never beat CHU KOT before he left the clique, which bothered him enormously. CHU KOT worked for the imperial government after he left the clique. YUEN lived a quiet life practicing Martial Arts in the hope of defeating CHU KOT one day. When YUEN reappears in the Martial Arts World, CHU KOT has become renowned and is known as Mr CHU KOT. His immediate mission is to fight against a corrupt official CHOI KING (SHEK SAU). Because of CHOI KING, CHU KOT cannot avoid having an ultimate fight with YUEN. During the fight, YUEN uses his “Heartbroken Arrow” while CHU KOT fights back with his “Strike At Heart”. In fact, CHU KOT has never really wanted to fight with YUEN. Under the vicissitudes of fortune, they both fall in love with a gentle and cheerful girl named SIU KING (SHEH, CHARMAINE)…