The Day of Days - 初五啟市錄
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Set in 1930s Guangzhou, a story revolving family fuel, military power struggle and spying. Sunny was initially an idler in the Tong family andadmired Sonija; He is also Guangzhou’s Mayor second son, later becomes the Deputy Mayor; Sonija is the big sister and head of the Tong family; Raymond is a fallen triad leader, he led a group of lazy brothers. Raymond didn’t get along with Sonija/Sunny initially didn’t get along, but later mutually supported one another; Lin Xiawei is Sonija’s sister,she initially pretended to like Raymond, but slowly developed real feelings and they became a bickering pair; Cilla Lok is Raymond’s sister, a courageous and rebellious young woman, often gets into trouble; Patrick is Sonija’s cousin, a pervert; Tracy is controlled by atheft organization, she marries into the Tong family and plots to take their family property; Evergreen Mak guest stars as Sunny’s missing elder brother.